“Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Having the right knowledge is crucial to your success.

Knowledge is power. NCS gives you the power.
Hire the Right Employees
Accept the Right Tenants
Buy from the Right Vendors
Sell to the Right Customers

NCS provides clients with the critical knowledge needed to avoid the risks that can impact financial security, reputation and brand image.

NCS customized reports and service excellence are designed to
Minimize Risk • Promote Growth • Decrease Costs • Improve Bottom Line

NCS. The Human Difference.
Reams of documents and data cannot provide you with the knowledge you need to make intelligent business decisions. NCS expert advisors personally analyze relevant data to produce a customized report with accurate and reliable information designed to facilitate the decisions that will grow your business.

Each report is reviewed by a personal advisor, not by a computer. This gives us the unique ability to alert you to issues that could later be problematic for your company.

Our Services.
• Background Investigations
    Customized, FCRA compliant reports for all your national and international needs.
       - Employee
       - Tenant
       - Vendor
• Random Drug Testing
• Credit Reports
• HR Outsourcing Solutions
• Collections

NCS utilizes America’s leading credit information bureaus of Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and TransUnion to offer a complete portfolio of business and consumer risk management tools. NCS is the premier provider of national and international background investigations, credit reports, HR outsourcing solutions and collections.

Our World Class Service is Unparalleled.
NCS associates are hands-on and work in close collaboration with our clients. We are always available to talk with you. Call or e-mail us for information, support or assistance.

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